Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush
Silicone Toilet Brush

Silicone Toilet Brush

£14.99 £24.99
✔️ Antibacterial Technology
✔️ Non-Drip
✔️ Anti-Clog - Toilet paper (or worse…!) won’t stick
✔️ Floor or Wall Mounted

Say goodbye to the traditional toilet brush. Designed for hassle-free cleaning, the Silicone Toilet Brush from Mop PRO is a smarter, easier and more hygienic way to clean your toilet.
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- Designed for hassle-free cleaning
- Non-Drip - No more mess
- Non-Stick - Toilet paper won't stick
- More Hygienic
- Floor or Wall Mounted
- Gets under the rim
- Ventilated Holder
- Super-flexible - Clean areas a normal toilet brush can't
- Slim & Compact Design
- Smell free

Brush: 9 x 35 cm
Holder: 11 x 5 x 11 cm
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1 x Brush
1 x Holder
1 x Wall Mount
Easy to clean; No mess

No more clogs. Unlike traditional toilet brushes, the Silicone Toilet Brush from Mop PRO will not clog up with tissue (or worse), neither will it drip after use. Easy to rinse ensuring your toilet and surrounding areas stay hygienic.

Reach Everywhere

The slim flexible D-shaped head allows for effective cleaning, reaching all areas. No spot left untouched, clean under the rim. Ultimate cleanliness.

Ventilated System

Come back to a fresh brush each and every time. Along with ease of cleaning, the Silicone Toilet Brush from Mop PRO has a built in ventilation system which keeps bad smells and mould away.



❌ Clogs with tissue and dirt
❌ Drips and Splashes
❌ Unpleasant
❌ Full of bacteria
❌ Unhygienic


✔️ Sleek and compact Design
✔️ Doesn't clog
✔️ Anti-Drip
✔️ Hygienic
✔️ Reach all areas
✔️ Floor or Wall mount

What our customers are saying
June Rivers
Amazing! I love that it is so easy to use, no more hassle trying to keep the brush clean. So much easier!
Jade Harris
Way more hygienic. I would never use a normal toilet brush again.
Amelia Weir
This is such a great product. It goes well with my bathroom, very hygienic, no mess and no stress!
Sue Parsons
I'm so impressed. I used to dred using my old toilet brush as I found it so gross. Not any more, so easy to use and keep clean.
Jessica Little
Just wow! Amazing in all aspects. Very hygienic compared to my old toilet brush. I love that it doesn't drip as that used to be the part I hated most. I have recommended to all my friends and family!
Dianne Green
So happy I found this new toilet brush. It seems levels above the traditional toilet brush. Easy to use and I love how much more hygienic it is. Purchased another for our downstairs toilet.
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